The Value of AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews

Posted by Peggy Olson on 27 Mar 2020

The AWS Well-Architected Framework facilitates review and improvement of cloud-based architectures and creates a better understanding of the business impact of design decisions. 

The Framework addresses general design principles as well as specific best practices and guidance in five conceptual areas which are defined as Well-Architected pillars:

Operational Excellence - Ability to run and monitor systems to deliver business value and to continually improve supporting processes and procedures

Security- Ability to protect information, systems, and assets while delivering business value through risk assessments and mitigation strategies

Reliability - Ability of a system to recover from disruptions, dynamically acquire computing resources to meet demand and mitigate disruptions

Performance Efficiency - Ability to use computing resources efficiently to meet system requirements and to maintain that efficiency

Cost Optimization - Ability to run systems to deliver business value at the lowest price point

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The Well-Architected Framework offers a rich repository of documentation and code supporting these pillars, including general across-the-board design principles apply, design principles geared toward each specific pillar, AWS enabling services, lenses, and assessment tools. 

A periodic review of your AWS environment through the prism of the Well-Architected Framework can help your business maintain a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure on AWS Cloud. Besides uncovering critical issues that need immediate remediation, the review compares current architecture to a defined baseline to identify areas that could or should be improved with recommendations for further action. The outcome is a set of actions that should improve the experience of a customer using the workload while optimizing operational costs.

Well-Architected reviews help:

  • Identify pressing issues with cost, performance, reliability, operations, and security so they can be remediated quickly
  • Improve cloud usage of poorly architected implementations needing attention
  • Ensure workloads are always capable of running in a cost-optimized environment
  • Interpret the rapid flow of new AWS services, to tap those that immediately impact or address real business issues like cost and operational excellence
  • Provide the opportunity to discuss how modern infrastructures can be used to create market advantage by aligning business needs to company goals and strategies

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