Powering the Freedom to Create

A Cloud-Native, Open and Enterprise-Grade Payment Platform

The Orbipay Platform helps you quickly deliver advanced digital payment and money movement experiences your customers want today. It offers the flexibility, security and reliability you can count on, allowing you to unleash faster innovation at lower costs.

Cloud at Scale

Built on leading cloud services including Amazon Web Services, the Orbipay Platform delivers the highest standards of availability, resiliency, and industry-leading security.


Microservices and open API-driven architecture allows you to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver the products and services your customers demand, while providing a future-proof platform for innovation.

Built in Security and Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance with comprehensive security, privacy and risk management framework that’s built into the platform.

Fast and Easy Integrations

Orbipay’s flexible framework drives simple and fast integration with commonly used financial systems, digital banking, fraud and risk management, core banking systems etc.

Developer API

Open APIs based on RESTFUL, ISO 20022 standards and SDKs give you the freedom to quickly create customized and differentiated payment experiences for your customers.