Banking on Gen Z

Posted on 01 Mar 2022

Generation Z, born between 1997-2012, is the generation after millennials. If financial institutions want to sustain their success to the end of this decade, they need this generation to be a sizable part of their consumer base. But Zoomers are just getting started—many are still in college, and most are new to the banking industry—all amid the chaos of the pandemic. This is the time to start reaching out to them, but how can traditional institutions stand out from challenger banks with this critical generation?

In this Banking Exchange hosted webinar, Paul Letgutko, Senior Principal at Aite-Novarica, Katerin Gomez, Marketing Associate at Alacriti (and also a Zoomer), and Kristen Jason, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Alacriti discuss:

  • How the role of the branch, call center, and the app are different for Zoomers
  • The value of financial advice and expertise for Zoomers
  • The importance of communicating the brand message to Zoomers
  • The pandemic’s effect on Zoomer attitudes and trends
  • What cancel culture means for your relationship with Zoomers

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