The benefits of cloud computing are impossible to ignore.

Cost savings, speed, and scalability are just some of the advantages that businesses can leverage in a cloud environment. With more companies being born and reborn in the cloud every day, legacy organizations may wonder if moving to the cloud is the right decision for their business as well. And if it is, what is the best way to make the transition?
Gaining support and knowledge from the AWS Partner Network (APN) is imperative to making the changeover a smooth one. As an APN Advanced Consulting Partner, Alacriti is a member of an exclusive club. We have both the experience and expertise to aid your business in its transition to the cloud. Our focus on security and risk management can help make your journey a smooth one. Here’s how we do it.

We Specialize in AWS Cloud Security & Risk Management

We know how to establish a secure environment in the cloud for organizations that have unique regulatory and compliance requirements. We’ve done it for our own business, meaning we’ve lived and breathed the experience from start to finish — just like you. Oftentimes the biggest obstacle in moving to the cloud is how an organization will continue to comply with the necessary rules and regulations. As a digital payments platform provider, our business is subject to regulatory requirements including PCI DSS, HIPAA, and HITECH. We successfully operate a secure, compliant payments environment in the AWS Cloud and can do the same for your business.

AWS Support Statement

How We Add Value

As the cloud grows, so does the number of consultants participating in the APN. In this sea of choices, it can be difficult to know which consultant is the right one for your journey. Leveraging AWS's Shared Security Responsibility Model, we take a holistic approach and create scale that most companies don’t have the bandwidth to do internally. We’ve lived this journey and understand it from the inside out. Simply put, we offer the ability to comply with regulations on your AWS Cloud beginning on Day Zero. Using our own experience, we can help identify compliance-related roadblocks and challenges before they become a problem in your live cloud environment. We also offer invaluable expertise and guidance in the auditing process prior to your go-live date.

Our AWS Capabilities and Offerings

  • Cloud Migration
  • Design and Implementation of AWS Security Framework
  • Cloud Environment Assessment
  • Remediation and Optimization

Leverage Our Cloud Expertise

Security and Risk Management

Security and risk management is a front-end problem, meaning it must be addressed before a business goes live in the cloud. However, each cloud’s infrastructure comes with an established framework that businesses must work within to meet their compliance requirements. We help organizations understand these parameters and work within them to meet their compliance requirements before going live.

Costs of the Cloud

The costs associated with operating in the cloud are a back-end problem, meaning they begin after going live. While there are natural cost savings in moving away from a physical data center model, the ongoing costs of cloud services can get out of control quickly. Our consulting practice works closely with you to understand your pricing model before going live and forecasts future liabilities.

“Alacriti presented us the pros and cons of moving to the cloud and recommended AWS as a stable platform that would give us scalability, flexibility, and a significant benefit in TCO compared to our former datacenter model. We trusted their expertise and took the leap in 2018. Alacriti has been with us every step of the way on this migration and we can say confidently that we have seen the results – scalability, flexibility, cost reduction, and security. The Alacriti team delivered on every front as promised and we are glad we took the leap!”