Virtual Roundtable: Banks, Fintechs, Consumers Ready for Faster Payments

Posted on 10 Feb 2021

Few doubt that real-time and instant transfers are the future of payments. This transition is underway, but needs to be accelerated. In this on-demand virtual roundtable discussion, Deana Bartel, Vice President of Payment Services at Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union, Nubia Valenzuela, Vice President of Payment Services at SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, and PYMNTS Managing Editor John Gaffney dig into fresh findings on how to bring RTP online in 2021 with easier integrations:

  • Payments modernization and what credit unions can do to accelerate the usage of true real-time payments
  • Consumer perceptions and sentiments of RTP
  • How to add RTP to their payments mix without disruption
  • How RTP “experiences” will be expected by consumers as RTP grows

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