Cloud-Native, End-to-End Solution for Real-Time Payments

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Start the (R)evolution
Seize the potential of real-time payments

The payments ecosystem is in a state of evolution. Consumers and businesses are increasingly demanding instant, 24x7, any-to-any payment capabilities. To compete, financial institutions need to deliver tomorrow’s experiences, today. Financial institutions are constrained by legacy platforms that are complex, inflexible, and expensive to update. They need payments technology that can help them quickly adapt to the changing needs of customers without the time, expense, and complexity of overhauling their legacy payment infrastructures.

In the cloud-first, open banking world, financial institutions need a new approach. Orbipay Cosmos for RTP® empowers financial institutions to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver the faster payment experiences their customers demand, while providing a future-proof platform for innovation.

Key Features

ISO 20022 Native Services

Employs data and message models based on ISO 20022 standards helping you drive payments modernization and innovation, greater levels of automation and global messaging consistency.

Cloud-Native, Built for Scale

Built on leading cloud services including Amazon Web Services, Cosmos provides you with security and scalability that’s always available. Our cloud-native architecture is built for speed, responsiveness, and reliability and provides you with a strong foundation for innovation.

Microservices-Based Architecture

Cosmos’ Open APIs and microservices based architecture allow you to fine tune your payment services to meet ever changing customer needs and regulatory requirements.

Real-Time Payments

Supports the entire RTP Message set and connectivity to The Clearing House (TCH)’s RTP Network enabling you to deliver advanced real-time payment services to your customers.

Intelligent Payment Routing

Provides you with flexible options tailored to your needs and payment scenarios.

Ease of Integration

Cosmos’ flexible framework delivers simple and fast integration with core banking, digital banking, fraud and risk management and other internal systems.

Integrated Fraud and Risk Management

Real-time fraud monitoring and detection including transaction screening against OFAC lists, negative / bad accounts, transaction limits, velocity rules, etc., enables you to manage risk and maintain regulatory compliance.

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive, in-depth reporting and analytics for unparalleled insight into payment operations.

Built-In Security

Built-in advanced security features to ensure data and privacy protection.


Fast Time to Market

Quickly deliver new faster payment services without significant upfront capital investments.

Future-Proof Your Payments Infrastructure

Drive payments modernization and data-driven innovation powered by ISO 20022-based messaging standards.

Agile Technology Platform

Built from the ground up, and optimized for cloud scale and performance. Open APIs and microservices based architecture provides limitless possibilities to create differentiated faster payments products and experiences.

Cloud-Forward Business Model

Deliver on customer expectations for convenient real-time payment experiences. Gain access to the RTP network with pricing models that scale with you, eliminating the need for large upfront investments.

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