Orbipay Real-Time Payments

Seize the potential of real-time payments

Orbipay Real-Time Payments enables banks and credit unions to quickly and seamlessly connect to The Clearing House’s RTP network and deliver innovative real-time payment services to their customers. Alacriti’s cloud-native solution allows financial institutions to rapidly leverage the power and convenience of RTP to drive new revenue without the burden of significant infrastructure overhauls or capital investments.

Get ready for real-time

Drive new revenue

Take advantage of the growing value and demand for real-time payment services.

Draw and retain customers

Attract customers and deposits. Deliver on customer expectations for convenient real-time payment experiences.

Get up and running fast

Go live on the RTP network quickly and seamlessly with no infrastructure disruptions.

Reduce TCO

Gain access to the RTP network with pricing models that scale with you, eliminating the need for large upfront investments.

Alacriti is committed to providing advanced, cloud-native solutions that help banks and credit unions stay ahead and accelerate the delivery of innovative real-time payment experiences to their customers. With Orbipay Real-Time Payments, financial institutions can be up and running on The Clearing House’s RTP network as fast as your institution can handle.

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About Alacriti Alacriti is a leading financial technology company dedicated to helping our clients accelerate their digital payments transformation. Alacriti’s cloud-based platform, Orbipay, delivers solutions across the payments ecosystem, including The Clearing House’s RTP network, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments (EBPP), and Digital Disbursements. Through our cloud-native platform, Orbipay, our solutions empower clients to deliver the innovative digital payment experiences today’s consumers demand. In addition to driving modern and frictionless digital payment experiences, our clients benefit from faster time to market and continuous innovation on a proven platform.