Alacriti and Glia Partner to Strengthen Financial Institutions’ Digital Customer Service for Payments

Posted on 10 Nov 2020

Alacriti, a fintech company specializing in payments, today announced that it has partnered with Glia, a leading provider of Digital Customer Service. The partnership enables financial institutions to leverage Alacriti’s payments-focused AI chatbot, Ella, within Glia’s Digital Customer Service platform to help customers and members navigate the digital payments experience.

“Innovative bill payment experiences in emerging channels are becoming essential for superior customer and member service. We are pleased that Glia’s Digital Customer Service platform is now fully integrated with Alacriti’s Ella chatbot,” said Eric Kugle, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Alacriti. “We look forward to helping our clients deliver a seamless, modern digital experience that allows account holders to receive valuable, timely customer support and pay in the channels they prefer, using the payment methods most convenient for them.”

"Leading financial institutions understand that providing an exceptional customer experience, including seamless digital support, is critical for attracting and retaining customers and securing a competitive advantage,” said Dan Michaeli, CEO and co-founder of Glia. “By partnering with Alacriti, we are strengthening the support and guidance banks and credit unions can deliver to customers and members in all aspects of the bill pay and digital payments experience, all while enabling these institutions to save time and gain efficiencies.”

Glia’s Digital Customer Service platform enables financial institutions to meet customers where they are and communicate through whichever methods they prefer, including messaging, video banking and voice, and guide them using CoBrowsing. Through the Glia and Alacriti partnership, financial institutions gain access to a critical feature within the Glia platform— Alacriti’s AI-based conversational chatbot specifically designed to answer bill pay questions and facilitate secure digital payments in customers’ channel of choice. Account holders now have easy access to a wide selection of modern payment channels, methods, and options. They can seamlessly transfer from talking to Ella to a human with full context—no more having to restart the conversation or re-enter information.

Credit unions interested in discussing their digital member service needs can contact the Alacriti or Glia sales teams.

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