2018 Year in Review: Orbipay EBPP

Posted by Alison Arthur on 05 Feb 2019

The beginning of a new year is not only a time to plan ahead, but also an opportunity to reflect on milestones achieved over the past twelve months.

We recently hosted a webinar for our client community that reviewed accomplishments, improvements, and upgrades related to our flagship electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) solution, Orbipay® EBPP, in 2018. Here are five key highlights from our year in review.

Highlight #1: The total value of payment transactions on Orbipay EBPP more than tripled in 2018.

In 2018, the total value of payment transactions rose 376% thanks to the addition of some significant client entities and overall transaction growth across our existing client base.

Highlight #2: Orbipay EBPP’s system response time was far quicker than our target.

Orbipay EBPP’s average system response time was 88 milliseconds, which was well below our target time of five seconds. This was measured as the average response time on the busiest day of each month.

Highlight #3: Major enhancements were introduced to Orbipay EBPP’s online reporting function.

In 2018, Orbipay EBPP’s online reporting function received a complete overhaul and redesign. Online reporting became a standalone, easy-to-access function that can support multiple products. The redesign includes the addition of a dashboard page, improved tools for filtering and working with the data, new/updated interactive charts, new/updated drill-down functions, new notification reporting, and expanded capacity for data download.

Highlight #4: Extensive upgrades were rolled out in Orbipay EBPP’s User Management System.

Orbipay EBPP also received a complete overhaul and redesign of its user management system (UMS). UMS became a standalone function that can be accessed seamlessly and support multiple products. The redesign includes:

  • A more intuitive workflow for user creation and maintenance
  • Improved tools for accessing, filtering, and working with data within a page
  • The addition of a dashboard page
  • New options for user data download
  • New bulk user creation function

Highlight #5: Orbipay EBPP added the ability to accept online donations from customers.

Based on requests from our client community, Orbipay EBPP added the ability to accept online donations from customers. The donations capability includes recurring payment support, customer-entered amounts and/or dropdown of amount options, plus the option to capture how the donation should be directed and/or a donation message. Click here to learn more about accepting online donations.

The Bottom Line

This is just a short list of Orbipay EBPP’s milestones in 2018. Stay tuned for more enhancements and improvements already in the works for 2019.  

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