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Payments Modernization Game Plan: Moving Forward with Existing Infrastructure

Posted on 09 Jun 2021

The disjointed nature of services, products, and channels within a financial institution, is a huge pain point. Adding new functionality and innovation is necessary. However, legacy infrastructure traditionally involves working with various vendors. Having a patchwork of vendors creates a disjointed experience in terms of what accounts are accessible, what fees are being assessed, what products are available across channels, and the look and feel of the experience. As a result, financial institutions have been challenged with how to meet their clients where they want to be met with how they want to pay. How to drive flexibility within the FI’s core systems to change those services as new clearing and settlement channels arise is a key concern.

Our latest article summarizes PaymentSource hosted webinar, featuring speakers from Aite Group and Alacriti, as they discuss payments modernization strategy that works with an existing structure.

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