Playback: Realizing the Value of Real-Time Payments for Credit Unions

Posted on 16 Dec 2020

The world of payments is rapidly evolving: The Clearing House's RTP® network is moving closer to its goal of ubiquity, Nacha's upcoming rule changes will impact Same Day ACH, and consumer demand for faster payments is increasing. Historically, many credit unions have had a decentralized approach to payments, so taking advantage of these changes has proven to be elusive to date—until now. In this webinar presented by NACUSO, speakers from The Clearing House and Alacriti discuss:
  • The latest updates on real-time payments and common misconceptions
  • Specific use cases for real-time payments improving service for members and why it makes such a huge difference
  • Recommendations on how credit unions can move forward to a 24x7x365 operating model and more
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