Meet Ella, your customers' bill payments chatbot.

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Ella transforms how businesses engage with their customers.

We live in a world where people text emojis to order pizza and use virtual assistants to hail cabs. Consumers expect real-time, personalized, and context-aware interactions that connect them to relevant products and services within their preferred digital environments.

Ella is a chatbot that enables seamless interactions between you and your customers through messaging apps and intelligent personal assistants. Customers communicate with Ella naturally to perform tasks such as making account inquiries, resolving issues, and paying bills.

Ella for Payments

Ella makes it easy for your customers to ask questions about their bills and make payments via Facebook Messenger.

How Ella Works

  • 1 Invite

    Billers provide customers with a biller branded link

  • 2 Link

    Customers link their Facebook account to their account with the biller via link

  • 3 Pay

    Customers can now initiate a conversation with Ella to make a payment

In-App Notifications & Reminders

Once customers link their accounts on Facebook Messenger, customers can opt to receive payment notifications and reminders.

Always On

Customers can chat with Ella whenever they have questions or want to make payments.

Custom Branding

Ella can be customized to match your company's branding.


Increase Customer Engagement

Connect with customers on their preferred digital platforms.

Gain Customer Insights

Leverage data for greater personalization.

Enhance Customer Experience

Make it personalized, simple, and convenient.

Improve Customer Service

Seamless responses in real-time.

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