How to Have More Valuable Loans

Posted on 20 Oct 2021

The ongoing low-interest rate environment has continued to drive both interest and volume in most credit union loan portfolios. Getting the loan on your books is just the first step, but what happens once the ink dries is just as important to your institution. It’s important to ensure that your credit union’s loan portfolio is successful, and focusing on the entire lifecycle of the loan from open to payoff is key.

In this webinar hosted by CUInsight, Granite Credit Union and Alacriti talk through the entire lifecycle from opening to disbursement all the way to the final payoff and share how fintech providers can help you improve the performance of your portfolio and give you the keys to improve member experience at the same time. Speakers also covered:

  • Why the user experience is so important for credit union loan portfolios
  • How credit unions can lower servicing costs for their loans
  • How Granite Credit Union drove digital bill pay adoption
  • Fighting disintermediation from digital wallet providers and challenger banks with Unified Money Movement
  • Aligning your digital transformation with your money movement experiences