Webinar: Why Businesses Need to Embrace Digital Disbursements. Now.

Posted on 21 Feb 2019

Now more than ever, consumers expect on-demand transactions with the touch of a finger. But business-to-consumer (B2C) payouts remain stubbornly tied to paper checks. In this age of digital transformation, why do so many companies still rely on paper checks for B2C payouts?

The answer lies in complex factors including legacy systems, security concerns, and customer readiness. Despite these challenges, Digital Disbursements can create significant, long-lasting competitive advantages for businesses, including cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

Join our webinar on March 5th for a discussion about Digital Disbursements and how it can benefit businesses and end consumers. Experts from Bank of America, Zelle, and Alacriti will discuss:

  • The Digital Disbursements Landscape – Market size and trends
  • Use Cases – Which businesses stand to benefit the most from Digital Disbursements?
  • Benefits – How can Digital Disbursements create lasting advantages for businesses and their customers?
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