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The expectations for increasingly modern digital payment and money movement capabilities and experiences are accelerating. Many of today’s banks and credit unions are not keeping up with these expectations. This gap is allowing digital wallet providers, challenger banks, and fintechs to successfully enter the market at an alarming rate. Their business models enable them to quickly deliver the innovation consumers expect - and already receive - across all their digital interactions. Intuitive, seamless, and modern user experiences are no longer ‘nice to haves’.

Today’s legacy and siloed banking technology infrastructure limits financial institutions’ ability to rapidly innovate. They need an open, flexible, and standards-based platform for payment transformation that will let them modernize, one step at a time.

It’s time to look at money movement in a new way.


Orbipay Unified Money Movement Services

Orbipay Unified Money Movement Services is a cloud-based platform that enables banks and credit unions to quickly and seamlessly deliver modern, intuitive digital payments and money movement experiences including:

Loan Payments

Accept payments from your consumer and business customers with easy access to the payment channels, payment methods, and payment options they demand.

Bill Pay

Enable customers to manage and pay their bills in one place within their existing digital banking channels.

Push to Card

Deliver faster payment experiences and drive customer satisfaction by disbursing funds into consumer’s bank accounts within minutes.

A2A (Account-to-Account) Transfers

Enable consumers and businesses to move money effortlessly and securely between their bank accounts, regardless of what financial institution holds them.

P2P (Person-to-Person) Transfers

Seamless electronic payment experiences with friends, family, or any person with a connected account at a bank or credit union.

Digital Disbursements

Orbipay Digital Disbursements enables you to quickly and seamlessly send digital payouts to your customers.

New Account Funding

Secure account funding ensures account opening deposits can be made quickly with a variety of convenient funding options.

Money Movement Center

Provide your customer service staff the ability to access profiles, view transaction history, schedule and manage payments and transfers on behalf of customers, and perform other day-to-day customer service tasks through role-based user access.


Give your staff unparalleled visibility into your customers’ money movement activity and behavior —all downloadable in multiple file formats.


Deliver Modern Money Movement Experiences

Deliver intuitive, frictionless, unified money movements experiences across digital banking channels with responsive UIs that can be easily branded for your institution.

Fast Time to Market

Quickly deliver a full spectrum of money movement services without significant upfront capital investments.

Make Data-Driven Business Decisions

Drive analytical insights and business intelligence from enterprise-wide money movement data.

Future-Proof Your Money Movement Infrastructure

Drive payments modernization and data-driven innovation powered by ISO 20022-based messaging standards.

Agile Technology Platform

Open APIs and microservices based architecture provides limitless possibilities to create differentiated money movement products and experiences.

Cloud-Forward Business Model

SaaS-based operating model that scales with you, eliminating the need for large upfront investments.

Powered by the Orbipay Platform

Orbipay Unified Money Movement Services are built on the cloud-native Orbipay Platform, and deliver innovative, modern money movement solutions and experiences. Standardized microservices, APIs, and SDKs within a common infrastructure make it possible to combine all fintech products on the Orbipay Platform.

The Orbipay Platform’s flexible technology framework makes it easy to integrate with commonly used financial systems, digital banking, fraud and risk management, core banking systems, etc. The platform is built on leading cloud services (Amazon Web Services) which provides the highest standards of availability, resiliency, and security.

The result is rapid and cost-effective delivery of new money movement capabilities, and a future-proof foundation for innovation.

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