Choosing an EBPP Solution: Three Factors to Consider

Posted by Bethany Frank on 01 Jun 2016

electronic bill presentment and payment

Electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) solutions are becoming a necessary investment for businesses across a number of key consumer industries including retail, healthcare, insurance, and others. As consumers move away from paper-based transactions, multi-channel payments give businesses the edge needed to stay ahead of competition. The payments process has a significant impact on client retention and/or overall customer satisfaction, so businesses should be sure to research options and pick the right platform for their specific needs. Continue reading to learn about a few important factors to take into consideration when selecting an EBPP solution.

Mobile Payments

While online payments are more of a basic requirement at this point, mobile payments have only begun breaking ground in the payments space. Although consumer adoption has been slower than expected, eMarketer still projects a 210% growth in the value of mobile payment transactions over 2016. Apps like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Walmart Pay are pushing consumers towards new purchasing habits that will likely carry over to their bill payment preferences.

With mobile device usage at an all-time high, demand for mobile-based financial services is at an all-time high. Consumers in several key demographics expect to be able to pay their bills through responsive mobile apps that provide options similar to those available online. Businesses looking to remain current with consumer trends should make sure mobile payment capabilities are a central feature of their payment offerings.

Customer Service

A payment platform is only as good as the level of customer service it provides. Although some consumers embrace new financial products and services with enthusiasm, there are still sizable populations who prefer to use cash or pay bills through traditional payment channels. An electronic bill presentment and payment solution should not only cater to those who make use of the latest technology, but also to those who prefer the comfort of familiarity.

For businesses with wide customer bases, it is best to choose a payment platform that covers all major payment channels, including web, mobile, IVR, customer service agent, and walk-in payments. Since every customer will be exposed to the payments process at some point, user experience should remain consistent and frictionless across various touchpoints. Furthermore, the payment platform should offer customers the right level of customer support in the event of confusion or conflict through whichever channel they prefer to be engaged.

User Experience

The payments process presents a major point of contact with customers, and possibly the only point of contact with many of them. How comfortable are customers viewing their statements online and submitting payments online, through the phone, or otherwise? Any potential complexities should be mitigated by design through a clean and efficient interface that feels inviting to users. A simple, friendly user experience combined with features like messaging and alerts transforms the payments process into a powerful way to engage with customers.

An electronic bill presentment and payment solution can be an effective vehicle for businesses to increase customer satisfaction and reduce administrative costs, but choosing a payment platform can be a complicated process. Taking these points into consideration along with your specific business requirements can help you focus in on what’s most important and narrow down options. Ultimately, the right solution will be one that streamlines internal operations and provides customers with a secure and convenient payment experience in the most cost-effective manner.

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