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Posted by Bethany Frank on 25 May 2016

the latest news in payments and fintech

Check out some of the payments news and financial technology news we've been reading:

Via Inc.: Square on the Future of Card Payments and What It Means for Your Company

The transition to EMV chip cards is only the beginning of a larger migration towards contactless payments.

Via Why It Pays to Be Thick in Mobile Payments

Creating certainty for users and establishing a thick market are the biggest keys to success in mobile payments.

Via TechCrunch: FinTech Doesn't Just Disrupt Banks, It Makes Them Platforms

While they may compete in some areas, partnerships between fintech startups and banks tend to be mutually beneficial.

Via Huffington Post: Five Ways Digital Payments Are Coming to The Rescue in Emergencies

From mobile wallets to crowdfunding, digital payments have enabled faster, safer, and more transparent emergency response work.

Via CNBC: FitBit Acquires Wearable Payments Technology

Fitness tracking company Fitbit makes its first foray into mobile payments with the acquisition of a wearable payments platform from Coin.

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