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Posted by Bethany Frank on 28 Oct 2016

the latest news in payments and fintech

Check out the latest in payments and financial technology news from around the web:

Via Engadget: Samsung Pay Adds New Online Payment Options

  • Samsung pay now supports MasterCard’s online MasterPass service and in-app payments.

Via Wall Street Journal: Visa Taps Blockchain for Cross-Border Payment Plan

  • Visa’s new venture in B2B cross-border payments utilizes blockchain technology.

Via Forbes: From Mobile Payments To Loyalty Programs

  • Rewards and loyalty offers within mobile payment apps should be simple, relevant, and secure.

Via International Banker: The Power of Fintech: Transforming Payments, Transforming Strategies 

  • Fintech is making a significant impact on the payments industry.

Via CNET: PayPal's CEO Sees the Phone Transforming Commerce

  • PayPal’s CEO believes mobile payments are the future.

Via Bloomberg Technology: Banks Challenge Venmo with New Payments Network Dubbed Zelle

  • Nineteen U.S. financial firms are teaming up to offer a real-time payments network.

Via Forbes: Survey On Consumer Attitudes Toward Fintech Spells Trouble For Banks

  • Three in five Americans say banks are failing to keep up with their needs, while 75% of survey respondents agree that fintech gives them more power over their finances.

Via TechCrunch: MasterCard Launches Its "Selfie Pay" Biometric Authentication App in Europe 

  • MasterCard users can now confirm online payments by showing their face to their smartphone's camera.

Via Venture Beat: Fintech vs. Traditional Banking: It's Not a Zero Sum Game

  • Fintech firms and top financial institutions can work together to transform the industry.

Via TechCrunch: Facebook Messenger Now Supports PayPal Payments in Bots, Will Track Your PayPal Receipts 

  • PayPal is now a payment option within Facebook Messenger.
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