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Episode 4: Financial Services for the Most At-Risk

We spoke to Emilie Hibbard, a recent Boston University grad who has carried out focused research for Alacriti. Today, she discusses her research on the difficulties of rural women in India in accessing financial services. An issue, which like so many others, has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Emilie offers a model for confronting these disparities without losing sight of the larger societal causes, which is something often sorely lacking in our solutions and technology-based analysis.

Episode 3: History of Payments (Hawala)

Hawala is a globe-spanning informal funds transfer (ITF) system that has been used since the eighth century to transfer funds anywhere in the world at the speed of information. It is incredibly versatile and simple on the user-side but has also been accused of enabling crime and terrorism.

In this episode, we cover the basics, how it relates to today’s payments industry, and how Hawala can teach us to optimize our networks.

Episode 2: Interoperability, Consolidation, Fostering Adoption with Mark Ranta

Mark Ranta is our resident payments whiz here at Alacriti. In this interview, we expose ourselves as crypto-heads, and Mark gives some background on how the big payments organizations are fostering adoption and interoperability for the rails of today and tomorrow. We also talk about how institutions can work with fintech to capture the electronic and mobile payments market via value-added services.

Episode 1: Zoomer Banking

The inaugural episode of our podcast will introduce our show, and cover our first topic—how Generation Z thinks about banking. Christian Hibbard gives a first-hand perspective, and also covers internet culture and how Zoomers decide what businesses to patronize.