AWS Cloud Consulting

The business case for adopting cloud computing, specifically AWS, is well established. New generation businesses are born in the cloud and make it their exclusive home

Organizations migrate to AWS to achieve scale, global reach, resilience, availability, improved security, and regulatory compliance at a significantly lower price point. AWS provides a variety of proven solutions to help organizations achieve the promise in each of the areas listed above. However, suboptimal cloud experiences can be created due to legacy environments, incorrect architectural choices, and simply the size and complexity of all the different options. In rare cases, it can even lead to failure to migrate.

At Alacriti, we run mission-critical platforms in AWS to serve our diverse client community. Through our experience, we are aware of the nuances and risks of running large applications in the cloud. This experience allows us to help our clients navigate the cloud migration journey with ease, assurance, and cost reduction.

The AWS Migration Opportunity

AWS’s features, capabilities, and partner ecosystem (ISVs, Services, Advisors) are ever-growing. Migrating a workload to AWS can be a fairly straight-forward and predictable project. However, we think every workload migration is an opportunity for organizational transformation. Seizing it during migration requires a little more preparation but can deliver a far richer experience to your customers, supply chain partners, and your internal teams.

With deep hands-on experience and more than 25 AWS certified professionals, we can bring that extra edge to your migration plan. We can help your organization make it a transformative effort and achieve greater ROI on your workload migration investment.

Defining Business Drivers for AWS Adoption

If your organization is in the business strategy and planning stage of AWS adoption, we can help define business drivers and provide metrics to measure its success. Our areas of focus include:

  • Global, Available, Scalable, Provisioned
  • Reduction/elimination of Capex
  • Managed Services with best-in-class vendors from multiple domains
  • Built-in Governance, Risk Management & Security practices
  • Architecting for Operational Efficiency
  • Architecture for Lowering Cost
  • Architecture for Regulatory Compliance
  • Leveraging AWS’s high-security foundation

Defining Technology Drivers for AWS Adoption

Once the approvals and budget are in place, we can help plan at the appropriate level (Portfolio, Program, and/or Project), define granular plans, ensure readiness of people, architect, design, test, and execute your adoption vision. We provide metrics to measure the success of your effort. Here are major drivers we help our clients with:

  • Scalability
  • Disposable Resources
  • Automation
  • Loose Coupling
  • Services, Not Servers
  • Databases
  • Removing Single Points of Failure
  • Continuous Optimizing for Cost
  • Caching
  • Leverage Marketplace for speed-to-market
  • Shared Responsibility for Security and Compliance

Leveraging Our Expertise and Passion

With over 25 certified professionals and growing, our expertise and skill set is constantly expanding in depth and breadth.

In December 2018, we hosted an Alacriti Hackathon with “AWS Innovation” as the theme. Nearly 60 developers and engineers presented eight different ideas for improving the AWS experience for our customers. The response and enthusiasm from our employees and the recognition of their ideas by CIOs and CTOs of major organizations was overwhelming. This experience redoubles our commitment to pursuing excellence in our AWS Consulting Practice.